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Growth Monitoring Clinic - FREE (every Wednesday 0830 - 0930)

If you are worried about your Child's growth or simply just want to know when it is time for the next size up car seat, pop in for a FREE weight & height assessment. (Wednesday clinic only. Call to book!)

If you wish to BOOK a place any other time, call or click the "book a consult" button above.

R80 to book a Growth Monitoring consult any time of the week.

Nutritional Assessment Treatment & Monitoring

Full nutritional assessment & dietary analysis

Therapeutic diets, nutrition support, allergy management plans, desensitisation programs

Ongoing support & monitoring

Bespoke Meal Plans 

Individualised meal plans to suit the specific requirements of your child

Weight loss, weight gain, food allergies & healthy eating

Hospital Referrals

Optimal nutrition has been proven to shorten hospital stay & improve treatment outcome - ask your Doctor for a referral

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