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Breastfeeding - our journey

As today marks the start of World Breastfeeding Week 2018, I though I would share with you my journey with breastfeeding.

I know the benefits of breastfeeding and as a dietitian I guess I know them even more!! So obviously when I fell pregnant with my son it was already decided...I would breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and then continue till 1 year where I would stop. There would definitely be no bottles.

My son was born premature at 32 weeks gestation so off the nasogastric tube and onto the bottle we went!!! When we were given the go ahead to latch him to the breast he struggled to latch and my nipples cracked and bled. I expressed every 3 hours with a borrowed hand pump and used the hospital pump when I could. My milk supply was excellent and my boobs always seemed full. I was so uncomfortable. There were many a day when I wished my milk would dry up - I could easily use formula.

But I really wanted to breastfeed Geth. I phoned one of my closest friend's mum, a doula, and asked for help. The session with Debbie was invaluable. She helped me get into different positions with Geth and reassured me that the feeling on my nipples was normal and that our breastfeeding was in fact going very successfully - my baby was thriving and settled between feeds.

breastfeeding became a breeze!

And so we persisted and I'd say it took about 6 weeks for my confidence to grow! We kept the bottle going and it was actually really nice that Geth would take both. It allowed me that much needed break at times.

Uncle Billy babysitting!

15 months later Geth is still being breastfed. I am ready to stop but in light of the recent country, house and school move I don't feel like this is the right time. If anyone has any tips on how to give up the boob, please share!!

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