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The Lunch Box

Packing a lunch box for you child can be a daunting task. There's lack of time, lack of inspiration, fussy children to name a few of the barriers to happy lunch boxing.

The lunch box is an important part of ones eating. For children its often most of their meals for the day. My little boy will sometimes have 5 of his 6 meals at nursery school. We should therefore try to plan the lunch box to ensure it contains foods from all the food groups.

In 24 hours I would like my child to eat:

  • 2 servings of meat/meat alternatives

  • 5 servings of vegetables and fruits

  • Cereals and grains with each main meal

  • 2-3 servings of milk/milk alternatives

Plan the lunch box so the between breakfast and dinner these are covered!

Here are some ideas...

Cereals and grains:


Hot-cross buns



Pasta salad

Potato salad

Cous cous salads


Rice cakes

Vegetables and Fruit:

Add tomato, cucumber, lettuce etc to sandwiches if you are allowed

Add roasted veg to salads

A salad

Veggie sticks - these are often better accepted with a dip like hummus or mayonnaise.

Fresh fruit

Dried fruit

Canned fruit


Meat and Meat alternatives:

Add chicken, tuna, egg, peanutbutter, roast beef, ham



Sliced chicken or other cold meats

Boiled egg - watch the smell!


Milk and Milk alternatives:

Add cheese to a sandwich or grated cheese to a muffin/scones - this can be cream cheese or a harder cheese like cheddar/gouda

Serve cheese muffins/scones

Add feta to salads

Blocks of cheddar cheese or wedges of cream cheese like Kiri/Melrose


Drinking Yoghurt.

Trouble shooting

Soggy sandwiches? Wrap the sandwich in some paper towel.

Soggy cheese and tomato sandwiches? - Wrap the sandwich in some paper towel and salt the bread not the tomato.

Warm lunch? - Pack an ice brick into the lunch cooler bag

No time? - Prepare lunch boxes the night before

Let me know what works for you, and please share your own ideas. We can never get enough inspiration for the lunch box.

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